Aimee & Chris Swift


Chris and I are so thankful we had Emily as our doula. As soon as I started labor, Emily was the first person we called. She met us at our home and supported Chris and I through the whole process, giving us ideas for labor positions, words of encouragement and even administrative help. Having her at home with us helped us to have the confidence we needed to be able to avoid going to the hospital too early. When we did get to the hospital Emily continued to support us, even after labor with breast-feeding. I can’t image going through labor without her!



Treading into the unknown event of childbirth, I was unsure of what my role would be, despite the conversations I’d had and studying I’d done ahead of time. When Aimee began labor, I didn’t panic but I was glad to know that I was going to have an ally in communicating with and supporting my wife through labor. Emily came over in the middle of the night to help us with the process. She was not only a calming and caring presence, but also reminded us of the techniques and coping methods we had decided to use throughout the process. With a steady focus on her role in assisting us, especially Aimee, she aided me in my role as the father and husband through affirming what seemed to be helpful to Aimee or suggesting something else when I felt like I’d come to a dead end. She also helped the nursing staff by giving them clear answers to questions if Aimee needed me or the emotion of the moment gave me hesitation. Finally, I felt she helped Aimee in countless ways, but specifically by being another voice that Aimee could trust and listen to throughout the night. As a friend and doula, I was beyond grateful to have Emily there throughout the labor and birth of our daughter.