Cassie & Chad Clooten

It was absolutely invaluable having Emily with me throughout the labor and birth of my 2nd son in May! My desire was for a natural childbirth with as little medical intervention as possible. Without the support and guidance of Emily I would never have been able to endure the nearly 24 hrs of labor and achieve the birth I desired and believed to be best for my son. One of the biggest areas that Emily was able to help was through her knowledge & expertise. Baby was not in an ideal position & my labor was stalled for a long time, she supported me through that by helping guide me to positions that could be better to position baby and/or be more comfortable for me. Then after my water broke there was concerns about my son’s heart rate & Emily helped me make an informed decision to allow internal monitoring to avoid an unnecessary C-section that could have resulted. I’m so thankful for the reassurance & confidence she gave me in the midst of my labor! She even came back to visit me the next day to continue her emotional support and help me process through the fairly scary last few minutes before birth as my son’s heart rate dropped significantly and delivery had to be rushed. Emily was sensitive to my family’s wishes, helpful to my husband as he supported me, & amazing at working with both me and my nurses to help give me an amazing birth experience!