I begin with most of my clients around 26-28 weeks into the pregnancy, but we can start any time that works for you. Contact me today for a free initial consult!


Standard Birth Package $600

  • Two prenatal visits
  • Labor and birth support
  • One additional visit while in the hospital or birth location
  • One postnatal visit
  • Unlimited phone consultations
  • This package can be adjusted to include additional visits


Childbirth Classes $100

  • Four-hour course intended for couples
  • We cover the anatomy of birth, stages of labor, birth partner role, comfort techniques, medical interventions, and postpartum care
  • Groups of two or more couples pay $50 each


Individual Services

  • Prenatal visits $75
  • Postnatal visits $50
  • Labor and birth support $400
  • Sibling doula support $300
  • Lactation consulting $40 per hour (pro-rated in 30 minute increments)


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